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About Us
This page describes our staff and the way we work.

Our People

We are a company of technical people who have worked in the computer industry as help desk staff, technicians, and engineers for many years. We understand hardware, networks, operating systems and applications.

Our Tools

The software we use in our work is a mixture of off the shelf utilities, subscription programs, and custom-written software we have created for solving specific problems.

Our Process

People discover us through our email broadcasts, Internet searches, and word of mouth. When computer problems occurs, they call our office, and are their call is assigned to a technician. He/she has the caller go through a simple process of connecting their computer to ours, and then the technician assesses and will solve the problems. If your technician is not familiar with a specific hardware or software issue, a specialist in that area may call you back, and work on the problem.

Our Expectations

We expect our technician to do a good job of solving the customer's problems. We hope that our customers will help spread the word about that experience. It is imperitive that we add staff in all capacities as we grow, to keep up with the incoming calls so that no customer needs to wait on hold for more than five minutes, with the average wait time of under two and one half minutes. We hope to make a profit, to fund our growth, while providing a living wage for our employees. We work well with Seniors, Non-technical people, and folks who are new to the American verbal communication style. All of our peole that you will contact for technical help are well versed in our native language, and are very understandable by all. We hope to add foreign language speakers to our technical staff in the future.

Our Website Viewability

TECHNICAL STUFF (skip this stuff if you get bored)
Cell phones today, like your home PC or Mac come width screen widths measured in "pixels" (short for "picture element(s)"). Phones offer us the additional issue of offering "viewport" sizes as well. This is becase cretain cell phones use TWO pixels per viewport unit. This website has been tested on phones from the iPhone 5, having a viewport width of 320, and a pixel width of 640 (all dimensiona are in "portrait" mode, as you would initially hold the phone in your hand). This would seem to indicate that the "viewport" to "pixel" ratio is two to one. Some iPhones have a ratio of three to one! This makes for very careful programming to be sure that ALL visitors to our website can clearly see the content. We have taken steps to make sure that you can.

We have created this website to be viewably to ALL of our visitors. To benefit from this work, all you need to do is view this site's contents. The website code will interrogate your device, and set up conditions that are optimum for your viewing device, whether it is a cell-system compatible watch, a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop or notebook, a PC or a Mac-with ANY size desktop or mobile screen. We have tested this website from 320 viewport units to 2000 pixels wide for bigger screens, and scaled our pages for maximum viewability on all devices, and all width screens. If you have any problems viewing something on this site, please send us a screen shot to our current email as listed on the "Contact Us" page.

We use our Internet connection to your computer to provide our services. Our friendly Techs will be your guides to get connected. We will first describe several issues that our customers have brought up which may disallow their access to the Internet.

Issue 1."My computer does not work at all, and will not even turn on."

This could prevent us from remotely working on the computer, but before that is determined, our Techs will go through a few simple procedures which may get the computer to start up. In the past, we have been successful.

Issue 2. "What if, even with the Tech's help, the computer is still not starting up?"

We do not have on-site service at this time, but we do have companies in many cities that are trusted partners, and can be directed to your home or office to work on the computer or transport it to there shop for testing or repair.

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