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The EZ way to fix your computer

I'll bet you're pretty busy, most of the time. Today's working people have less leisure time than the previous generation. Day to day activities keep us all pretty busy. Driving to and from work, shopping at the supermarket, paying bills, cleaning the house or apartment, and for many of us, caring for children or elderly parents, all leave little time for ourselves. And now, we have so many high-tech tools and toys, we are constantly repairing or replacing them. Especially computers. When problems occur, you must unhook everything, take the thing to a repair shop, and then brace yourself for the estimate or bill. And good luck with your personal data. Hopefully some over-ambitious technician has backed up your information before he blows away all your important with t he click of the mouse. I have thought about these problems and have been there myself. I asked myself, if I can order groceries on the Internet from the local supermarket and have them delivered to my home, or I can have someone come in and clean my home for me, why do I need to struggle to unhook my computer myself, get it fixed, and then try to reconnect all those wires without starting a fire? I have been in the engineering and electronic repair world for over 50 years, and would like to help you with this problem.My new company, PC Internet repair, solves many of these problems. We use the Internet to connect remotely to your system and can repair many operational problems that plague everybody's computers. This service costs less than a repair shop would charge. What follows are the key features of our business.

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