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We can solve many computer problems over an Internet connection.
Here's how we connect to your computer:

We use the Internet and some special software to allow us to run tests and make corrective changes to your computer. You download the software from our website, and install it (with our help). You control the connection to our computer because the software generates a 4-digit number each time we connect which you must give to us to make the connection. It is impossible for us to make the connection without the number, which is different every time you run it. We usually talk to you on the phone while we do this work. As soon as we can connect, we can download our software to test and solve the problems in the computer. Sometimes if a test takes a long time to get results, we will have you hang up, let the test complete, and then call you back.

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Our phone number is: (440) 229‑6204

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