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Upgrade or reload your Operating System
Here's how we can upgrade your Operating System
If you have any of these Operating Systems, we can upgrade them to any higher product.
If you need repair or reloading of any of these Operating Systems, we can do it. Just call us and we will connect you with an Operating System - qualified technician to discuss the possibilities and procedures.

Please read these application notes:
  • If you are experiencing errors like incorrect or no device operation, or windows error messages. We can diagnose and eliminate these problems, and we will make your computer run as it was designed.
  • Operating System repair, upgrades or reloading or may require component replacement in your computer at an additional cost. Your technician will discuss these with you.
  • We will need to remotely connect to your computer over the Internet to determine the resources that are currently installed in the computer. These may need to be replaced or upgraded as a part of repair or upgrading.
  • Many computers run very slowly with an Operating System which was released long after the computer was assembled. Your technician will discuss these possible problems with you after he/she has determined the computer's content and possible upgrades.
  • Most applications from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will run on Windows 10.
  • Most applications from Windows XP will NOT run on Windows 10.
  • You will need to buy a legal license for ALL upgraded Operating Systems
  • We will charge extra labor for installing an Operating System upgrade
For more details, see the "Services" page on the menu.

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