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Payment Page
How to use this form

    The form below allows you to pay an invoice or send a deposit to us using your Paypal© account or a VISA©, Master Card© or American Express© card. Enter the amount in USD in the Please enter amount box, then enter the invoice number in the Invoice Number box-if you do not have an invoice number, and are making a deposit, type the word Deposit in the box. To send the payment, click the orange colored BUY NOW button below the boxes.
    Once you click the BUY NOW button, you will be transferred to the checkout page, where you will be asked to select to pay by clicking either the Paypal checkout or Check Out buttons. Use the Paypal checkout button

Please enter amount:

Invoice Number:

If you are making a deposit, type 'Deposit' in the Invoice Number' box.

A note on website security:

   Your information, such as your debit or credit card numbers are not retained by ICR. Because we use checkout companies like Paypal© and our bank on all of our websites for our web payments, we never see or record your credit card information. the lock symbol to the left of the Paypal© web address (URL) assures that the web page that you are on is secure and encripted, which prevents ANYONE from seeing your information.

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