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We can recover lost or deleted files on almost any media
Here's what we do

   Losing your data can be a disaster. This may include important documents, photos, financial records, audio files (including music) on many media types whose loss can be a terrible experience. Many items of these type are irreplaceable, and there may be no way you can duplicate them.    Much of this data can be recovered. We have two decades of experience recovering business and personal data. We can save data that has been lost or deleted on many media types. We have the tools and the knowledge to restore your missing files. To assure a successful recovery, however, there are a few rules:

   As soon as you have determined that data has been lost:

  • Call our offices as soon as you can to receive instructions
  • You will receive instructions which will insure that no more data is lost
  • We will advise you on the protection of the failed device for transportation to our shop, or a trusted facility
  • If the data is on an internal drive on your system, shut it down at once
  • If the missing data is on an external storage device, remove it from the system immediately
  • Bring the unit or storage device to us, or have it picked up from your home or ofice
  • We will call you with an estimate of cost and time to recover your data

   Using a system or external storage device after files are discovered to be missing may result in additional data loss, or render the lost data irretrievable Our technicians have reliably recovered thousands of missing files, and will do so after you authorize the procedures. If the data is recoverable, we will restore it, and save it to other media.

   If you want to lose your data forever, here are some ways:
  • Keep using a storage device after data is found to be missing
  • Try using off-the-shelf consumer data recovery software to rescue your files
  • Let a friend who is a "computer expert" try to retrieve missing files
  • Allow a neighbor's teen-age son who knows "everything about computers" to recover your data
  • Download free software from the Internet that "guarantees" successful data recovery
These are methods that our customers have described as unsuccessful attempts before calling us for recovery.

WE recover all types of drives:
  • IDE - all
  • EIDE - all
  • SATA - all
  • USB ext.
  • USB Flash
  • Floppy disks
  • CD ROM
  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • DVD
  • DVD-R
  • DVD-RW
    We can recover all drives:
  • All capacities
  • Physically Damaged Drives
  • Data has "disappeared "drives
  • Drives that say "Needs formatting"
  • Data accidentally deleted Drives
If you have lost data, call us immediately. Our phone number is: (440) 229‑6204
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Our phone number is: (440) 229‑6204

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