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We can solve many computer problems
We can test:
  • Hard drives-read information on predicted drive failure
  • Memory (RAM)-detect any failing memory chips
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)-check for end of usable areas on the drive
  • Motherboard Operation-detect on board device failure
We can remove:
  • Viruses-detection and removal using the most advanced and up-to-date software
  • Worms-still a problem, as their creators evolve them to avoid detection software
  • Spyware-outsiders can be watching your keyboard entries, capturing passwords-we remove these pests
  • Trojans (horse)-comes concealed as something you desire to download-that's all it takes to get them
  • Pop-ups-these annoy everyone as they interrupt your work, and often obscure parts of your screen
  • Ads-these will try to sell you something, but end up just annoying you
  • Extra tool bars-who put those on here? They take away from screen space, and must be removed
  • Ransomeware (before encryption)-you will be charged hundreds to get your data back
  • Rootkits-will boot every time you start up your PC or Mac, and have an evil agenda
  • Keyloggers-these record all of your activity on the keyboard
  • Malware of ALL types-the above listed annoyances
We can also:
  • Recover lost data-Hey! Where did my photos go???
  • Remove "junk" files, freeing up drive space
  • Edit the system registry, speeding up your computer
  • Remove some start-up programs that slow the computer
  • Delete any unwanted programs
  • Install any new software you have obtained
  • Advise you on computer-related topics
If repair over the Internet is not possible, we can arrange for your computer to be disconnected, picked up and taken to a repair shop by a qualified technician, and returned to you when it is repaired, reconnecting it and all of your attached devices*

* note: on-site and other services such as computer disconnection, pick-up and transportation, data recovery, drive formatting, operating system reloading, application re-installation, data restoration plus any parts required to complete the repair will add additional cost to your bill.

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