We offer many services that can be implemented over the Internet.
Here's how we connect to your computer:

We can perform a great number of tests and corrective operations on your computers. With your permission, our technicians will connect one of our office computers to the computer to be serviced, using the Internet. Once connected, our technicians can operate your computer, screen, mouse and keyboard as if he or she is sitting in front of it. In addition, the technician is then able to download software to perform tests on your system, or or modify or delete items.

Your Computer Security:

Your privacy and system security is important to us. While we will be directing you to download software that allows us to access your computer, you are secure from unwanted intrusion by a security feature that the software employs. In order for us to connect to your system, you must provide a code to our technician. This code is randomly generated by the software on your computer each time it is activated.

Internet Connection Alternatives:

In order to use our services, your computer must be able to connect to the Internet. Below are a list of symptoms describing failures that we can help you with if you cannot connect.

  • You are unable to connect to any websites at all
  • The system cannot see any (wired) networks or wireless systems
  • The computer starts up, but fails to come to the desktop (the icon screen)
  • You are unable to start a browser
  • System will not boot-up

DON'T GIVE UP! We have a great deal of experience in starting dead or partially working systems. Our technicians can help you with these problems over the phone with things for you to try. If you and our technician can get the computer on the Internet, we will take over from here.
If you are having any of these problems, please call us at:

Phone: (440) 229-6204

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