Fix your computer from home during the Covid‑19 Pandemic.

Why should you use our services?
Our services eliminate your need to:
  • Disconnect the computer
  • Take it to the shop
  • Wait a long time for repair
  • Pick it up from the shop
  • Pay a BIG bill
  • Reconnect all those wires
  • Hope that it works
Done without the need to disconnect the computer!
Reasons why you should call us for support
We get your computer working quickly

Our people are helpful to all of our customers

We can remotely perform testing to quickly determine what is wrong

We can remove unwanted pests and unused programs from your computer

We can load software to prevent intruders

We can backup your data

Other operations that we can perform

If computer needs "hands-on" repair
 ⟹ Sometime, we are not able to correct your problem remotely. When this occurs:

You may never need to go out of your house.
For more details, see the "Services" page on the menu.

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Call us now for help or to get started right away.

Our phone number is: (440) 229‑6204

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