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Why should you use our services?
Our services eliminate your need to:
  • Disconnect the computer
  • Take it to the shop
  • Wait a long time for repair
  • Pick it up from the shop
  • Pay a BIG bill
  • Reconnect all those wires
  • Hope that it works
Done without the need to disconnect the computer!
Reasons why you should call us for support
We get your computer working quickly
  • Get the computer working quickly - if a tech is available, during your call
  • We can complete repairs in 24 hours or faster if it is repairable remotely
  • No lugging the computer to the shop yourself
  • No disconnecting and reconnecting the computer yourself

Our people are helpful to all of our customers
  • Our people are patient and helpful when working with you
  • We work well with Seniors and people with disabilities
  • We work well with new English language speakers
  • Our technicians have over collectively 50 years of experience in support

We can remotely perform testing to quickly determine what is wrong
  • We can test the primary elements of your computer: CPU, RAM, Hard Drive
  • We can make sure that all of the devices have the proper driver software
  • Peripheral devices that are connected to the computer can be tested
  • Operating System problems can be detected

We can remove unwanted pests and unused programs from your computer
  • Viruses, Trojans, and Randsomeware can be removed (See note 1 below)
  • Aop-ups, ads, and browser add-on scan be removed
  • We can modify start-up items that load when you boot up
  • We can disable but leave items installed that you may need in the future

We can load software to prevent intruders
  • We can provide software to defend against viruses, trojans, and randsomeware
  • Pop-ups, ads, or browser add-ons can be prevented the same way
  • Web pages can be scanned ahead of your viewing for safety from intruders
  • Email can be scanned to prevent intruders

We can backup your data
  • We can backup all of your data
  • We can arrange for an automatic backup (See note 2 below)
  • Backups can be stored on a local computer, in the Cloud, or on a remote server

Other operations that we can perform
  • We can adjust settings on your computer
  • We can repair, upgrade or replace your operating system
  • We can recover lost or deleted data
  • We can remove old data or data from a previous computer owner
  • We can update out-of-date drivers

If computer needs "hands-on" repair
 ⟹ Sometime, we are not able to correct your problem remotely. When this occurs:
  • We can dispatch a technician to your location in our service area
  • We offer computer pick-up/delivery, with disconnect and reconnect options available
  • If you are not in our service area, we can send a local repair technician to you

  • Note 1: Ransomeware that has not yet encrypted the data can be removed
  • Note 2: Automated backup can have costs associated-ask your technician
You may never need to go out of your house.
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