Fix your computer from home during the Covid‑19 Pandemic.

Computer problems? Call us to resolve them.
A quick description of what we do and who needs us
First we will get your description of the problems that you are having. Next, we will examine your problem through an Internet connection. In many cases, we can correct operational problems this way. If the computer requires hands-on service, we will dispatch a technician to look at it, and if it needs to come into the shop, the technician will disconnect it and bring it in. It will be reinstalled the same way after repairs are completed.
We will connect to your computer through the Internet. We use remote tools to examine the computer and make adjustments and repairs. Please see or click "How" to learn more about how we connect to your computer.
The current Covid pandemic means people don't want to spend time out in public. Parents with school-age children are very busy. Seniors today use the computer frequently. People with physical limitations know that taking the computer into the shop presents additional problems. Student need their computer for daily class assignments and communication. In today's world, people are too busy or need help getting the computer repaired. Please see or click"Why should you use our services" for a better description.
    Our customers are:
  • Those people who cannot easily get their computer to a shop
  • People who want their computer analyzed immediately.
  • People who do not have the time to get the computer repaired
    Our technicians are: Please see or click on "About " here or in the menu to learn more about our people.
If your computer is unable to power-on or start up, our technicians can make some suggestions that have worked in the past to start even the most stubborn computers.
If we are unable to solve the problem over the Internet, we can dispatch an on-site technician, or just send a driver to disconnect and later reconnect the computer, and transport it to a repair shop. We cultivate relationships with trusted repair facilities in many service areas.
Can't get on the Internet? Computer dead? Call us!
For more details, see the "Services" page on the menu.

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